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Volume 43 - Number 5
September/October 2017

Outcomes of a Quality Improvement Project: An Implementation of Inpatient Infant Safe Sleep Practices
Roger D. Rholdon

Safe sleep practices in the inpatient setting are important to further reinforce behaviors that parents should practice in the home environment. Improving the knowledge of inpatient pediatric nurses may translate to improved safe sleep practices while infants are hospitalized. In this 28-bed inpatient pediatric unit, practices were assessed for congruence with current recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics for a safe sleep environment. Staff nurses were then educated on the proper safe sleep environment for infants. After this intervention was completed, the environment was reassessed to determine if any improvements in safe sleep practices were noted. Improvements were seen in all areas assessed. However, the only improvement statistically significant was a decrease in the number of patients found with soft objects and loose bedding. Education for inpatient nurses may improve behaviors for safe sleep practices in inpatients.