Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Highlights from the Current Issue
(May/June 2020)
  • Pediatric Accidental Trauma: Screening and Reducing Psychological Impact
  • Pediatric Home Milrinone Use While Awaiting Heart Transplant
  • What Is Involved in Pediatric Heart and Liver Organ Allocation?
  • Intestinal Microbiota and Child Health: A Review of the Literature
  • The Communication of Palliative Care Adoption in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Perceptions of Diabetes Education Among East African Immigrant Parents
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May/June 2020 Editorial: Severe Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Testing Positive for Current or Recent COVID-19 Infection

May/June 2020 Family Matters: Resources and Support to Maintain the 'Essence' of Patient- and Family-Centered Care during COVID-19

March/April 2020 Editorial: The Coronavirus: Exposing Our Nation's Vulnerabilities

Press Release: Vaping
Article: Vaping: It's All a Smokescreen
Podcast: Vaping: What Pediatric Nurses and the Public Need to Know

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Articles of Interest

Vaping: It's All a Smokescreen
Janice Selekman

Cruel Decisions: What Were They Thinking?
Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

The Depth of Racism in the U.S.: What It Means for Children
Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

The Importance of Addressing Youth Mental Health
Christine Rollins

Sharing a Room: Updated Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment
Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

Balancing Life after Concussion: An Update
Emily Thomas

Innovative Programs Highlighting Patient and Family Engagement
Elizabeth Ahmann

Empowered by Nurses
Cara L. Coleman

Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care: Programs and Resources
Juliette Schlucter, Deborah Dokken, and Elizabeth Ahmann

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Health Care: The Experience of Patients And Families
Amy Hopper, Deborah Dokken, and Elizabeth Ahmann

Patient- and Family-Centered Transitions From Pediatric to Adult Care
Juliette Schlucter

A Brother's Perspective
Chase Kensil

Evidence-Based Interventions For Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Nancy J. MacMullen, Laura A. Dulski, and Paul Blobaum

Cline and Greene's Parenting Children With Health Issues: Essential Guidance
Elizabeth Ahmann

Encouraging Positive Behavior In 'Challenging' Children: The Nurtured Heart Approach™
Elizabeth Ahmann

Making Meaning When a Child Has Mental Illness: Four Mothers Share Their Experiences
Elizabeth Ahmann

Health Risks Associated with Late-Preterm Infants: Implications For Newborn Primary Care
Patricia L. Jackson Allen, MS, RN, PNP, FAAN

Asthma Action Plan
(addendum to "Helping Children Gain Asthma Control: Bundled School-Based Interventions" by Kimberly P. Toole)

The Aftermath of December 14, 2012
Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

Making Meaning after the Death Of a Child: Bereaved Parents Share Their Experiences
Deborah Dokken

Losing the Louse: How to Manage this Common Infestation in Children
Vicky R. Bowden

Guest Editorial: A Journey Through Disability: A Sibling's Perspective
Liam Bowie

Beyond the Medical Home: Special Care Family Academy for Children and Youth
Roger S. Thrall, Jody H. Blumberg, Stephanie Beck, Magdalena D. Bourgoin, John J. Votto, Randall W. Barton

The Messages Project: Maintaining the Child/Parent Bond During Parental Incarceration
Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

Pain in Children: Comparison of Assessment Scales
Donna Lee Wong
Connie Morain Baker

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