Current Content
Volume 49 - Number 3
May/June 2023


Depressive Symptoms Among Adolescents Before, During, and After Pregnancy: A Secondary Analysis

Cheryl Ann Anderson

Public Perceptions of Males Working as Nurses in Pediatrics
Nick Deuz

A Cross-Sectional Study of Professional Quality of Life in Pediatric Nurses at a Level II Trauma Center

Jennifer Hayakawa, John Schomberg, and Jennifer Barrows

Parents and Teachers as Role Models for Healthy Behaviors in Preschoolers
Elaine Elliott, Cheryl Holly, and Sallie Porter

Improving Nurses' Knowledge in Caring for Children with Challenging Behaviors
Caroline R. Conley, Lisa Wendt, and Christine A. Schindler


From the Editor
A Return to Our Roots

The Children's Corner: Perspectives on Supportive Care
Supporting Children and Adolescents Impacted by Human-Made Mass Tragedies: Considerations for Conversations about Violence, Grief, and Loss

How to Write an Abstract for a Manuscript