Current Content
Volume 47 - Number 1
January/February 2021

Assessing Parental Perceptions on Childhood Obesity: An Educational Intervention
Felicia Renales, Kelli Whitted, and Noreen Lennen

Background: Parental influence on children's health behaviors has been recognized as significantly impacting childhood obesity.

Objective: The objective of the study was to examine the impact of an education intervention on the perceptions and attitudes that parents of school-aged children displayed on childhood obesity.

Method: A random sample of 30 parents was recruited to complete a survey before and after reviewing an educational pamphlet on childhood obesity. The survey assessed parental perceptions, knowledge, and importance of obesity risk factors and obesity prevention strategies. The survey also addressed parental perceptions of their children’s weight status and their children’s environment.

Results: The education intervention brought awareness that parental perceptions and attitudes can influence children’s obesity risk factors. This measurable finding indicates that an educational pamphlet can serve as a valuable tool to assist parents with choosing healthier lifestyles for their children.

Conclusion: Health care providers and parents play vital roles in the wellness and health promotion of children. Informing parents by means of an educational pamphlet can improve parents’ awareness about childhood obesity and positively impact the health of their children.