Current Content
Volume 44 - Number 6
November/December 2018

Parents' Concerns about the Newborn During Primary Care Nursing Consultations in Brazil
Priscila Costa, Guilherme Ferreira de Souza Lima, Aline Santa Cruz Belela Anacleto, Paula Rosemberg de Andrade, Myriam Aparecida Mandetta, and Flávia Simphronio Balbino

Aim: To describe parent's concerns about the newborn during nursing consultations at a primary health care service.
Methods: This is a cross-sectional study with quantitative data analysis conducted at a philanthropic community healthcare service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Participants were parents (N=42) of newborns who attended nursing consultation between January and December 2016.
Results: Most of the 42 parents (78.6%) reported concerns about their newborn. A total of 45 concerns were identified; they were mainly related to respiratory signs and symptoms (28.9%) and routine care of the newborn at home (20%). Adolescent mothers, single-parent families, and parents of preterm newborns seemed more likely to be concerned.
Conclusion: It is recommended that neonatal and pediatric nurses support families on newborn care during nursing consultations according to the most frequently reported parenting needs.